About Gladore

Based in Shanghai, Gladore is one of the world's leading professional manufacturers of food waste disposer and water purifier products. Not only is Gladore focused on engineering...

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Why choose Gladore

Gladore is one of the most professional manufacturers of food waste disposer and water purifier products in the world. At Gladore we constantly endeavor to maximize our clients'...

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Technical Supports

Gladore's food waste disposer and water purifier products are being used by thousands of households around the world, including households in countries such as USA, China...

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"We attach great significance to academic and industrial research, in addition to product development."

While producing top-grade products, Gladore also wholeheartedly devotes resources to conducting academic research on household food waste disposers, water purifiers and their impact on the environment. In order to conduct this research, we have teamed up with groups such as Harvard University Environment Institute, Fudan University Environmental science department, Peking University ...

Our Product

Household waste management is an important part of everyday life. In order to make waste management more efficient, Gladore offers several food waste disposer and waste bin products. These high quality, stylish waste products will make household life much more convenient, as well as contribute to a healthy living environment.

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Disposed Waste

Fish and chicken bones, egg shells, most fruits and vegetables, and pretty much any food waste left after meals.

Undisposed Waste

Glass, China, metal, foam, leather rubber, plastic bag, etc

Gladore water series

Water is clear and transparent in nature. Due to the increase of environmental pollution, people in many regions no longer have healthy drinking water. Using a patented technique involving the integration of filtration and super filtration, Gladore’s products re-purify your water, giving you healthier and better tasting water.

Gladore has used its superior technical knowledge to develop three series of water purifiers, all with seven different models, suiting different regions, water quality, and households.



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